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Approved by Birkal
One more before we get started with 28 (I got almost no time left lol). I will note that this is a minor proposal that would be more on process in one stage than any kind of major implications on CAP as a whole.

One thing that I think most people have realized with Astrolotl is the sheer bloat in its movepool, this is partially due to its concept as an offensive support (aka you can include a load of offensive support moves), but also partially due to the current moveset system, where first all moves on a moveset are included, and second, a number of people in the CAP community will always want to "win" a stage by having their option included. This means there is a major incentive to submit a literal ton of movesets, all of which will differ a bit, and all of which will contribute to having more and more moves in the movepool. While this can definitely be controlled (Equilibra's movepool is a great example, but is overshadowed by the fears at the time that Doom Desire was a bad move, meaning the options had to be restricted), I think we should put some concrete policy proposals in place to help fix this.

The proposal here is thus:
  • Initially discuss and accept very broad Archetype Sets (3-4 days) (eg "Cleric", "Pivot", "Swords Dance")
  • Cover each broad set archetype, and fill out relevant options (1 day per give or take).
This system thus mirrors the overall effects of the current system, but has a key difference in being far easier to understand, follow, and moderate. This would also allow for a streamlining of discussion; instead of needing at least two posts to cover the concept of trapping with respect to Snaelstrom, the narrow concept of "Trapper" could be proposed, and options could be proposed for slashes. Another example would be assigning the broad archetype of "Cleric", "Pivot", "Lead", and "Scarfer" to Astrolotl and filling those out.

There would be a need to minimize the number of specific Archetype Sets, but I think this would lend itself better to a structured and focused movepool process, where we could focus heavily on discussion than having one's set get included.

The advantages and reason for this is simple; it is far easier to evaluate the strength of a move if it is directly seen on its most relevant set, with all relevant options, than to compare perhaps 5 different sets which all do similar things with partially overlapping options, where two slashes on two different sets could interact and become overpowered. This concern is definitely present in the proposed system, but I think its reduced. A secondary advantage would be to handle moves in the context of a specific archetype rather than solely in one set; I'm pretty sure the only reason Snael doesn't have knock off is because the set it was submitted on had recover.

I apologize for the short time before the next cap begins, and I think I've sussed out a few of the issues in the discord, but I would still like responses here.

Edit: Realized after posting

After each of these set archetypes are filled out we would need to back-propagate any relevant moves to earlier set archetypes.

Edit2: adding stuff
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It's been over a week without any objection to this suggestion, so it seems community consensus is clear to include this! (Approved w/ Birkal.) We'll work with quziel and LucarioOfLegends (CAP 28's Movepool Leader) for how to best update the rules for Moveset Submissions to include archetypes.
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